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To help farmers select the best cultivar from cash crops – maize, wheat, beans, etc. – or with livestock – cattle, sheep, etc – to set up statistical experiments for any research they wish to do. Experiments will be drawn up, data will be read in, results will be evaluated and results will be discussed and explained. This will be done with a acknowledged statistical program.

For everything you want to compare and statistical results that could improve your decision making contact us for professional advise and guidance.

To assist researchers of any instance – big or small – on a once off or contract basis to design experiments statistically, read in the results, analyze and report back on the results.

What We Do For Farmers


This will be done by statistically designing a strip plot experiment with a repeating cultivar of the farmers choice against which the other cultivars will be tested. These experiments may be repeated over many fields or years to determine the best cultivar for the farm or district. Where necessarily other trial lay outs may be used suite your needs.


Livestock will be split up in groups and the treatments, as required by yourself, can be applied. Results will be analyzed and discussed so that the correct treatments may be applied to your advantage.

What We Do For Researchers


If you are developing new lines and cultivars, we can assist you with a trail from the 1st cross up to the release as cultivar and afterwards so that you have the whole history of the cultivar by pressing a few buttons. Most types of lay outs and analyses can be handled by the software and your needs will be accommodated. Experiments over years and/or localities can be analyzed.


Contact us for your needs so that we may dicuss the best solution for your research needs


Plant nutrition, animal nutrition, animal and plant vaccines etc. can be accommodated to help you in your research..

More Information


If you are doing any research that results in numbers or can be turned into numbers, contact us for assistance in your research needs.



Al research actions and results of any research will be handled confidentially. Results may be sent to you directly to interpret by yourself or we can interpret the data for you and send you a report of our interpretation.


The software being used is written by an acknowledged internasional company and are used by many companies all over the world. All experiment layouts and analysis are done according to internasional acknowledged methods.The company developing the software used by Agrowizz

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Email: 058 303 9508 – 24 uur – (answered by ‘Wulf Alarms’)Cell no 083 273 9203 – 07:00 to 22:00 – no ‘private numbers’ will be answered

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